Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum


Maarifa School has extensively researched an ideal curriculum with the best broad based learning and development opportunities for your child at Playgroup and Kindergarten. Our approach is tailored curriculum guided by the internationally recognized domains of school readiness.

Our integrated curriculum provides your child with a vast knowledge in various leaning environments. Not only do we emphasize on self-directed and guided class activities, we also concentrate on music and movement with vast outdoor activities throughout the learning process. Teaching aids, most made of natural materials e.g. wood, wool, are used to bolster a child’s imagination, creative and motor skills. Our foundation of instructions is based on Biblical principle and therefore scripture lessons are emphasized within our curriculum.

Why Maarifa School is the best for your child

  • We offer a better learning curve; it stimulates all modes of learning in your child; auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
  • We develop your child’s analytical, logical, critical and creative thinking making them better problem solvers.
  • We nurture social and human interaction which makes children comfortable enough to express themselves.
  • We provide an environment where your child will learn to appreciate nature, by being exposed to a wide variety of flora and fauna.
  • A grounded Christian foundation
  • Easy transition to Kenyan and other curriculum on completion of the foundation years at Maarifa School.

Learning for the Whole Family

Maarifa offers you an opportunity to be part of your child’s holistic learning through parent / caregiver meetings as well as home visits.  We offer nanny workshops, parent study groups and informal parent led sessions to forge a strong team aligned to your child’s development.

Regular newsletters on school activities and ideal practices for your child’s development will be issued.